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Exfoliant and Peel Treatment (Before & After)

What is Exfoliant And Peel Treatment?

The increased accumulation of dead skin cells, which stretches and numbs the skin and typically clogs pores, is linked to various skin issues. Skin peels and exfoliates can provide a ground-breaking method to effectively treat pimples, scarring, aging skin, and sun exposure. Another benefit of this process is that it can make the skin look tighter, younger, and fresher.

Why are Exfoliant And Peel Treatments Good For The Skin?

If you want to cure specific skin diseases, you simply enjoy your skin to look more youthful and refreshed. Our extensive selection of the best non-surgical skin peel and exfoliates is the solution. You can benefit from this specialized treatment in Brampton.

  • A diminishing of the hyperpigmentation prominence.
  • Improved skin tone and texture for a younger, more radiant appearance
  • Reduces the imperfections of the skin.
  • Treats skin prone and pimples.
  • Harmonizes the skin which looks dehydrated
  • Reducing the appearance of expression creases and focusing on even the most delicate and challenging areas of aging skin.

Why Venice Cosmetics For Your Exfoliant And Peel Treatment in Brampton?

Venice Cosmetic is one of the best Exfoliant And Peel treatment providers in Toronto, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Brampton, and surrounding cities. We provide the highest quality of care. Our continuously growing reviews are the perfect reflection of your work.

We have helped innumerable people in Brampton resolve facial skin disorders around the eyes, brows, and forehead.

1) Our Team

Our team of experienced professionals takes great pride in delivering excellent results using the latest techniques and technologies. We understand that you and every patient are unique and tailor each treatment to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Furthermore, we prioritize safety by performing each procedure with precision and extreme attention to detail. We invite you to book a FREE appointment with us, visit our clinic, and discover what works best for you.

2) Quality Treatment At Affordable Prices in Brampton

Sometimes facial treatments, including Exfoliant And Peel treatments, cost a lot. And it’s not pocket-friendly for everyone.

On the flip side, we, Venice Cosmetic, charge an affordable price. Our highest quality standard with a pocket-friendly package makes us irresistible. Try us if you live in Brampton and the surrounding areas and are searching for the best Exfoliant And Peel fillers near you.

Our beauty clinic is fully functional on-site to ensure your treatments safely with the necessary care.

Which types of Other Services are offered at Venice Cosmetics in Brampton?

At Venice Cosmetic, we facilitate our clients with different types of services in Brampton.  These are listed below:


1. How do chemical skin peels work?

A chemical peel may address fine lines, wrinkles, pimples, and discoloration with our advanced depigmentation peels. The chemical peel can also be ideal if you’re looking for an anti-aging method that doesn’t include surgery or injectables.

Your face, neck, and skin can all benefit from our skin-tightening peels, which target sensitive eye and lip areas for noticeably chubbier, smoother, and younger-looking face features. Chemical peels are often classified based on how deeply they penetrate the skin.

The types of peels and terminology you might anticipate seeing spoken while talking about chemical peels are given below:

  • SUPERFICIAL PEELS (Glycolic acid such as Neostrata glycolic acid peel) Eliminate the “epidermal layers,” the skin’s outermost layer.
  • SUPERFICIAL TO MEDIUM DEPTH PEELS (such as NeoStrata peels) Cut skin that has not yet reached the epidermal layer.
  • MEDIUM DEPTH PEELS (Trichloroacetic acid such as Obagi Blue peel) Remove the top dermal and epidermal layers.

2. What is the procedure for chemical peeling?

A chemical solution is put on the epidermis to peel the skin's outermost layer gently. The chemical used, the product’s potency, and how long it is left on the skin will all affect how much skin is removed.

3. How does Microdermabrasion work?

Microdermabrasion is a secure and monitored method of skin exfoliation. By carefully exfoliating the skin’s outermost layer, micro crystals act on the skin’s surface to eliminate dead and waste skin. 

Only the upper layer of skin is scraped during the procedure, so there is no apparent flaking or skin injury. The process is simple and harmless, leaving the skin feeling soft, looking livelier, and seeming shiny.

4. What is the procedure for Microdermabrasion?

During therapy, our microdermabrasion equipment is used that gives a pump and a vacuum to make up the crystal.

This pump produces a high-volume pressure of crystals that exfoliates the skin while the vacuum removes the old-dead skin. After this, there is the application of rejuvenating toner and a mask for your skin.

5. How Long Does A Peel and Exfoliate Last?

The treatment of Peeling and Exfoliation removes dead cells from the skin. This treatment improves the skin’s complexion.

Getting the desired outcome might require at least 3–5 expert sessions. Some people get facial peels every 2 to 5 weeks, but it is up to the client, their skin texture, and how the treatment responds.

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