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Mole Removal Treatment Results (Before & After)

Why Get the Mole Removal Treatment in Richmond Hill?

A mole is a tiny, visible outgrowth on the epidermis that may result in melanocytes or cells that produce melanin, forming in groups. According to the formation, they might be one of two sorts. 

Congenital melanocytic nevus is the one that appears from birth. The majority of moles are harmless and do not alter throughout life. However, some moles can develop into cancer due to a potential cause called UV exposure. 

Our experienced staff in Richmond Hill assesses the mole during your initial visit to determine whether it is harmless or cancerous in origin. Once we are sure it is entirely benign, we go with the mole removal treatment.

Mole Removal Methods

At Venice Cosmetic, the following three methods are performed:

1) Shave Mole Removal

Prominent moles are typically treated by shaving because it is simple and quick. Before this neurosurgical procedure, a topical anesthetic is injected into the area right beneath the mole. 

The mole is then shaved and reduced until it is plain with the skin’s surface. This whole procedure takes at least 5-10 minutes.

2) Excision Mole Removal

Moles that are round or could be concerning are often treated with excision. This surgery starts with the implantation of an anesthetic below the mole. 

Then, it removes it with a scalpel down to the hypodermic layer. Following that, stitches are used to close the little gap. The excision therapy lasts for around 30 minutes.

3) PrecisFX Mole Removal

In PreciseFXa, a continuous CO2 wave laser kills the mole without causing any damage. At Venice Cosmetic Clinic in Richmond Hill, we use laser heat to demolish nevi cells deep in the skin without upsetting the epidermis framework. 

Before the technique proves innocuous, our expert takes a tiny survey of the upper edge of the mole for histopathological assessment immediately. It takes between five and 10 minutes to complete the operation using topical anesthetic cream.

What are the Benefits of Mole Removal Treatment?

Benefits of Mole Removal Treatment:

Mole Removal Treatment

Why Venice Cosmetic For Your Mole Removal Treatment in Richmond Hill?

Venice Cosmetic is among the best mole removals in Richmond Hill and surrounding cities. We provide the highest quality of care. Our continuously growing reviews are the perfect reflection of our work.

We have helped innumerable people in Richmond Hill resolve their mole issues. 

Mole Removal
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1) Our Team

Our team of experienced professionals in Richmond Hill takes great pride in delivering excellent results using the latest techniques and technologies. We understand that you and every patient are unique and tailor each treatment to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Furthermore, we prioritize safety by performing each procedure with precision and extreme attention to detail. We invite you to book a FREE appointment with us, visit our clinic, and discover what works best for you.

2) Quality Treatment At Affordable Prices in Richmond Hill

Sometimes, mole removal treatments cost a lot. And it’s not pocket-friendly for everyone. Furthermore, harmless mole removal treatment is not covered by OHIP.

On the flip side, we, Venice Cosmetic, charge an affordable price. Our highest quality standard with a pocket-friendly package makes us irresistible. Try us if you live in Richmond Hill and are searching for an affordable mole removal treatment near me.  

Our Richmond Hill beauty clinic is fully functional on-site to ensure your treatments safely with the necessary care.

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How Does the Mole Removal Procedure Work?

Our doctors examine your skin before performing a mole removal treatment. We label and clean the skin portions that need to be eliminated. Some anesthetic medication will be given to the patient before starting the treatment. This could be injected at the implant field or applied directly to the skin. 

After removing your mole, our doctors will apply your Vaseline® (petroleum jelly) to the area before dressing it. We also capture the pictures of your moles to use as a reference point in the distant future. You should keep the area hydrated (with the jelly) and wipe it daily for a couple of days.

What is the Healing Span after Treatment?

The length of restoration depends on your physical well-being and the mole removal area. The healing of mole removal can take 2-3 weeks.

Who Needs Mole Removal Treatment in Richmond Hill?

  • After observing that your mole has cancerous or aesthetic purposes, you must opt for this treatment.
  • The mole removal relieves the physical irritation it causes when they brush against our clothing or jewelry.
  • You can enhance your self-esteem as some moles are particularly noticeable and challenging to cover
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